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Questions We Often Get Asked

I've never danced before, will I be embarrassed?

Our beginners classes are aimed at people who have never danced before. Along with our teachers we have helpers who come to help everyone.

What clothes should I wear?

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and allow you to move freely. Tight clothes can restrict your movement. At our Saturday dances some people like to dress up a bit others are more casual.

Do I need dance shoes?

To start with you will not need dance shoes. What you will need is shoes that allow a little slip on a hard floor, trainers or shoes with rubber soles that grip the floor can stick and may hurt your knees. As you progress you may well want to progress to proper dance shoes.

Do I need a partner?

You do not need a partner. In our classes we change partners frequently so that if we have odd numbers everyone dances the figures with a partner. This also means that everyone has the opportunity to dance with either their teacher or and experienced dancer. We believe this rotation of partners benefits everyone.

Does it matter if I miss a some classes?

Regular attendance is beneficial, however, our classes are designed to allow an amount of missed lessons. The more lessons you attend, the better your chances of learning well.

How do I join a class?

It is best to call or email us first. You can just turn up for our beginners class. For our other class please call first so that select the best class for you.

Dance Floor Do's and Don'ts

  1. 1

    Ballroom dances plus Samba and Paso Doble follow the "line of dance" anti-clockwise round the room. Always try to dance along the line of dance.

  2. 2

    If you wish to get to the other side of the floor walk around the floor and give way to the dancers. Please never walk across the floor when people are dancing.

  3. 3

    When things go wrong always apologise. It doesn't matter who is at fault.

  4. 4

    Give way to other dancers. Like driving give room to those in front of you and consider those behind you. Try to make sure that you have room both in front and behind you for the figures that you dance.

  5. 5

    Carry food and drink around the outside of the floor. Clean up your own spills.

  6. 6

    If you want to chat move to the side of the floor.

  7. 7

    It is considered polite not to refuse a dance, unless you have already promised that dance to someone else.

  8. 8

    It is beneficial to dance with different people as it will help you learn to lead or follow better.

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